Sunday, February 7, 2010

Watch it like it's Wrestling

Professional baseball in Taiwan has had many problems with corruption. Might as well get that out in the open nice and early in this blog. Since the final day of last season three of the four teams that play in the CPBL have had players investigated by the authorities for taking bribes and/or associating with known gangsters. The only club to escape any punishment has been the league champion Lions. To be honest I don't know if this makes them the least corrupt or the most corrupt team in the league.

A quick scan of the league's wikipedia page shows that the CPBL has been plagued with these kinds of problems almost since inception.

Why bother following a league that's had such a checkered past?


It's still baseball.

Sure, the players may be on the take. Yes, the result of the game may have been decided before the first pitch. But you still get to watch the show. You still get to sit in the bleachers, drink a few beers and hurl abuse at the right fielder. It's still a great way to spend a lazy summer evening.

Will I ever care about these teams the same way that I care about a team untainted by the stink of corruption?

I doubt it.

But I'll still care enough to enjoy the show.

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